Biographical Information
Kanji ウォンバット
Horoscope Sagittarius
Birthday November 30
Affiliation Defense Club
Physical and Vital Statistics
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Hobbies World Peace
Likes Love, Spinach
Special Abilities
Anime In The Name Of Love
Manga Chapter 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Mugihito Amachi

Wombat (ウォンバット) is a creature that came to Earth from a faraway planet. It came to the planet with the mission to fill it with love, and is responsible for enroling (unwillingly) the 5 protagonists into the duty of Battle Lovers. Wombat is not its true name, but a nickname given by the Battle Lovers, because not only it looks like the animal the name references, but because its true name is not understandable. To fit in with society, it uses the school's homeroom teacher, Mr. Tawarayama's, dead body as a sort of shell it can control at will and can prevent its decay, so long as it stays nearby.


Wombat appears as a light-pink-furred, quadrupedal creature whose shape is reminiscent of a wombat, hence its nickname. It possesses a wide grey snout, small ears and two small dot eyes. It also has a pink heart marking on the side of its abdomen.


Wombat is a creature who is very passionate about the cause of love it's defending, and doesn't appreciate much the fact the Battle Lovers do not seem as passionate about it as it is.

Although being this focused on love, Wombat can also reveal itself to be quite an absent-minded creature, with the repeated times he forgot about Tawarayama's body, which could be a consequence of its intense focus on love.

Unlike Yumoto, Wombat is not fond of cuddles, as it cause its fur to fall off very easily. It is always the target to Yumoto's affection, much to its dismay.


Wombat possesses a handful of abilities which allows it to carry its duty, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Creating and giving out Loveracelets, which can be activated through Love Making to turn people wearing it into Battle Lovers. The 5 protagonists are the only known Battle Lovers as for now.
  • A powerful translator which seems to work both ways, helping communication. Wombat's original language is far different from Japanese, as proven when it tries to speak out its true name and origin planet, but it ends up a garbled mess to the boys' ears.
  • Possessing and controlling dead bodies; After an incident with Mr. Tawarayama occured which involved the latter to fall from the stairs and die, Wombat used its body to hide from a cuddle-thirsty Yumoto. It is also showed that Wombat's influence can prevent the body from decaying, though it is showed Wombat is highly forgetful about its 'hide'.
  • It has been shown that Wombat can over time heal and revive the person whose body he posseses and controls.

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