P 002
Biographical Information
School Binan High
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Grey
Personal Status
Special Abilities
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 6
Voice Actors
Japanese Mugihito (episode 7)

Tawarayama-sensei is a homeroom teacher in Binan High, and was under Wombat's control during his mission, used so the latter can interact with the Earth Defense Club while blending in with society.


Tawarayama-sensei is an old man with coal-grey hair, a slightly tanned skin, as well as a grey mustache. He's usually seen wearing a white dress shirt over a brown jacket, as well as brown pants and brown shoes.


As Tawarayama did not appear much under Wombat's control, with the exception of Episode 7, not much is known about his personality. When under control, he has a behaviour similar to that of an automaton. Outside control, he appears as a calm and soft-spoken person.

Additional Info

  • During the entire anime, it was unclear whether Tawarayama was alive or not. Wombat claimed he wasn't dead, but during the times when the latter stopped controlling the body, Tawarayama appeared dead and his body acted like a corpse (decaying, catching mold, etc). However, in Episode 7, Tawarayama has been showed to be walking and talking on his own, without Wombat's help, which might have implied Wombat's statement about being able to regenerate bodies was not false, or that Tawarayama was in a coma all the time. However, the reason why he managed to interact independently during this time remains unspecified for now.
    • The end of Episode 12 reveals Tawarayama has been eventually revived shortly after the end of the events, specified not to have been performed by Wombat but by one of the people of his species.