To this end, the foolish and the acts of barbarism they commit must be purged.
Kinshiro Kusatsu

1.1. Kishiro Kusatsu

1.2. Kinshiro Kusatsu

Kinshiro Kusatsu Game

Biographical Information
Kanji 草津錦史郎
Horoscope Virgo
Birthday September 12
Affiliation Conquest Club
School Binan High
Relatives N/A
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Height 176cm
Eye Color Green
Hair Color Silver
Blood Type A
Personal Status
Hobbies Archery
Likes Sanjusangendo Temple, Kintsuba, Amanatto
Dislikes Curry
Special Abilities
Attribute Light · Gold
Transformation (Japanese) 光輝く黄金のシュヴァリエ オーアイト
Transformation (Romaji) Hikari Kagayaku Ōgon no Shuvarie, Ōaito
Transformation (English) The Golden Chevalier, Orite
Anime In The Name Of Love
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Hiroshi Kamiya

Kinshiro Kusatsu (草津錦史郎 ~ Kusatsu Kinshirō) is a 3rd year at Binan High School. He is the student council president of Binan High School, and has the best grades in his graduating class[1]. He is the childhood friend of Atsushi Kinugawa.

His given colour is Gold, his attribute is Light, and he transforms into "The Golden Chevalier, Shining in Radiance, Orite" (Hikari Kagayaku Ōgon no Shuvarie, Ōaito). His attribute being Light is important because he is the direct contrast to Yumoto Hakone, who is the Scarlet Prince, prince of Light. Whereas, Yumoto embodies the warmth and radiance of Light, Kinshiro represents "blinding light" such as extravagance and corrupted power, and coldness.


Kinshiro has silver hair that goes down to his cheeks and his bangs are parted to the left side of his forehead. Kinshiro also has green eyes and is the shortest among all of the members of the Earth Conquest Club.

He wears a white uniform tunic which he has zipped up, a pair of long white pants, and a pair of white shoes.

When he transforms into The Golden Chevalier, Aurite, he wears a black military-styled coat with red and gold cufflinks, a red cape which is attached to the medallion just below his neck, a pair of white silk gloves, tight black pants which are tucked into his pair of over the knee height black boots with red straps at the top to keep them in place.


He is reserved and cool, but at times can be arrogant. When he is reminded of Atsushi, he gets easily angered. 

He was kind, soft-spoken and sensitive as a child, feeling strongly about his friendship with Kinugawa, as was seen when he made a wish on a shooting star to stay friends with him forever.

Alter Ego

Dark Aurite 002

Dark Orite

He transforms into a darker version of the Golden Chevelier in Episode 11, on learning that his childhood best friend, Atsushi Kinugawa were the ones the Conquest Club were up against.

He transforms into "The Black Chevalier writhing in Darkness, Dark Orite".

  • Special Attack: In this form, he uses a special attack known as "Ater Aurum!"
  • Special Attack 2: He is also shown using an attack called "Gigant Aurum!"


  • "Why?! Why are you like this? You being nice just lets me be selfish! It was the same back then! You should have gotten angry and told me not to take it out on you! But because it was me, you didn't say anything. You didn't do anything! That's why I could never apologize to you!" (episode 12) 
  • "What's the point in fighting them now? Now that everything's been brought to light, all my talk of order rings completely hollow." (episode 12)


  • "Kusatsu Onsen" (草津), is considered to be an all-time favorite public hot spring destination among tourists in Japan as the spring waters are decently high in quality and antibacterial in nature, with claims of curing ailments due to its high sulfurous content.  [1] 
  • He seems to have a love of thrill rides, according to the otome game.


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