Just Going Now
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The cover image for the album "Zettai Muteki☆ Fallin' LOVE☆"

Character Song

Earth's Defense Club

Voice Actors

Kazutomi Yamamoto, Yuichiro Umehara, Koutarou Nishiyama, Yusuke Shirai, Toshiki Masuda


Just Going Now!!







Just going now!! is a character song for the Earth's Defense Club. It is sung by the the Japanese VA from the original Anime series Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

The character song was compiled within the music album for the opening theme song, "Zettai Muteki☆Fallin' LOVE☆"


Nando korondemo tachiagareba ī no sa,
Jibeta kara taiyōganoboru yō ni

Keisotsu sugita Mistake, (Yumoto)
Darakete nogashita Chance, (En)
Son'na bokura o warau (Yumoto)
Koe ga shita (Yumoto, En)

Omoi mo tsutae rarezu, tokiniha teitai Loss, (Io)
Ame ni made fura re teru, (Ryuu)
Mata kyō mo. (Io, Ryuu)

Genten hōshiki no jinsei? (chorus)
Sōnara furi kamo shin nai, (chorus)
Soredemo tefuda (kādo) wa jibun dake sa. (chorus)

Just going now!! Mikanseina risō shugi datte,
Arinomamade sā togare kagayake.
Jibunrashisa de korobu koto ga atte mo,
Kizuato no ō-sa o warai aou ze,
Mada, ima mo, samenai aoi haru o tada,
Kakenuketai kara .

Happy end no dorama, (Yumoto)
Nante riaru janai na, (En)
Kon'na bokura no asu wa, (Yumoto)
Doko ni aru? (Yumoto, En)

Nai nonara tsukuridase, (Io)
Sagasu yori hashiridase, (Ryuu)
Atama yori kanjō de, (Atsushi)
Tachimukae (Io, Ryuu, Atsushi)

Sentaku-darake no jinsei? (chorus)
Sōnara yūri-sa zettai (chorus)
Bure nai kijun wa jibundarou. (chorus)

Don' t give it up!! Hikan-tekina mirai yosō datte,
Kokoro no mama ni sā kowase koete ke,
Jōnetsu de sora mawaru koto ga atte mo,
Kuyashi namida sae warai to basou ze,
Mada, zutto, kienai yume no ato o tada, oikaketai kara.


Nando korondemo tachiagareba ī no sa,
Jibeta kara taiyō ga hora nobotte ku,
Jibunrashi sa de mata korizu ni koronde,
Kizu-darake ni natte soshite waratte,
Mada ima mo samenai aoi haru o sā, kakenukete yukou.


軽卒すぎたMistake ダラけて逃したChance
そんな僕らを笑う 声がした
想いも伝えられず 時には手痛いLoss
雨にまでフラれてる また今日も

減点方式の人生? そうなら不利かもしんない

Just going now!! 未完成な理想主義だって
ありのままでさあ 尖れ輝け
傷跡の多さを 笑い合おうぜ


ハッピーエンドのDrama なんてリアルじゃないな
こんな僕らの明日は どこにある?
ないのなら作り出せ 探すより走り出せ
頭より感情で 立ち向かえ

選択だらけの人生? そうなら有利さ絶対

Don't give it up!! 悲観的な未来予想だって
心のままにさあ 壊せ越えてけ
悔し涙さえ 笑い飛ばそうぜ


傷だらけになって そして笑って


How many times we fell, we rose up together,
Like the sun rising from the ground

Careless mistakes were made in the past (Yumoto)
There were quite alot of missed chances too (En)
As such, all We ever did was to laugh together (Yumoto)
That was our one true voice. (Yumoto, En)

Feelings sometimes cannot convey a heavy loss (Io)
It has started pouring down (Ryuu)
Yet again, today (Io, Ryuu)

There are demerits to living?
If that's how you think, there's nothing to gain from such a thought
Having said that, you hold the cards (direction) to your life

Just going now!! Even an incomprehensible idealism,
Can in truth, overshine the flaws left behind
Be yourself even after you've fallen down
Though there may be a million scars, find a good reason to laugh

Still yet, the blue spring has not yet arrived
If only I could run through it

A drama with a happy ending (Yumoto)
Things like that don't always work out (En)
Such was the scene for us in the days to come (Yumoto)
Where has it all gone? (Yumoto, En)

If there's nothing left to create (Io)
Then go out and find something to do! (Ryuu)
Use your mind to do this instead of emotions (Atsushi)
Take a stand! (Io, Ryuu, Atsushi)

Having a life full of choices?
If that's how it is, though it appears to be an advantage (chorus)
We will not let that shake us up!! (chorus)

Don't give it up!! Even if you anticipate a pessimistic future ahead
Keeping your heart as it is, cross over your deepest fears
An air of passion will spread all over despite everything
Though there are times when you're frustrated and in tears, laugh like you've never have

Again just for today, even if traces of that dream have to disappear, (chorus)
I'd still want to pursue it (chorus)


For the countless times you fall, let's arise
Like the sun that rises from the ground, let's see it rising
For shaping up to be yourself, learn from past mistakes
Getting covered in wounds is inevitable, so is laughing after the pain

Still yet, the blue spring has not yet arrived (chorus)
Let's live through this moment instead (chorus)

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