The twins shining in the heavens, Salty Sol!
Haruhiko Beppu
Haruhiko Beppu
Biographical Information
Kanji 別府日彦
Horoscope Leo
Birthday August 21st
Affiliation VEPPer
School Binan High School
Relatives Akihiko Beppu (older twin brother)
Physical and Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Eye Color Crimson
Hair Color Ice blue
Blood Type AB
Personal Status
Hobbies Bonsai, Gardening and horseback riding
Likes Bonsai, Rice balls
Dislikes Carrots
Special Abilities
Attribute Sun (most likely)
Transformation (Japanese) 空に輝く二つ星・ソルティーソル
Transformation (Romaji) Sora ni kagayaku futatsu boshi Sorutīsoru
Transformation (English) The twin stars shining in the heavens, Salty Sol
Anime Episode 13 - Love, Once More!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yoshiki Murakami

Haruhiko Beppu (別府日彦, Beppu Haruhiko) is a 2nd year at Binan High School and an exchange student. He is an idol with poor expression (in contrast to his twin Akihiko Beppu whose manners are good), but he has a harsh manner of speaking. He debuts in season 2 of the anime along with his brother. He, alongside his brother, has a deep admiration, which contends to be somewhat romantic, towards Gōra Hakone.


Having similar features to his older twin though he is the taller of the two by an inch or so. Haruhiko is seen to have a shade of light blue hair with striking crimson eyes which are different than his brother's fuchsia pink ones . He wears a light grey blazer with a white formal shirt beneath his blazer. A light golden coloured bow at the center of his shirt appears to be vertically tied around his neck, with a silver ring and a red jewel embedded, at the knot of the bow tie. Haruhiko's bangs appear to be swept onto the right-hand side. When he transforms he is called Salty Sol. His uniform is slightly different as his pants are shorter showing off skin and he also has no ruffled sleeves in his armband like his brother. Also his hat, sash, boots have the star symbol on it. Prior to their transform when the Twins start singing, Akihiko is close to Haruhiko's lap, also accentuating their difference in height. It should be noted that they have similar eye colour coordination with Gora and Yumoto Hakone. Gora has purple pink eyes and Yumoto has crimson eyes. In this way, Akihiko being the older brother has pink eyes whereas Haruhiko being the younger has crimson eyes.

Haruhiko full body image Haruhiko - Salty Sol


Of the twins Haruhiko is a bit more rowdy. He is more sharp tongued. Also, compared to his brother he is less fashionable as represented by his uniform being more classic minimalist than flashy as his older brother's. Even his transformation clothes are less flashy though they show a bit of skin indicating his more passionate side. His athleticism is so good he beats the most buffest member of Binan high school to push ups and strength tests. Though he considers "beauty is strength" and is physically and athletically more polished than his brother he also good at shogi and sewing - mental activities.

Throughout the series Haruhiko, alongside his brother Akihiko, show contempt to the Battle Lovers especially Yumoto Hakone. This contempt also filters through their fans whom they call apes as though they are unrefined and have no value. Haruhiko prefers to do gardening and likes physical sports like horseriding (though in one episode in anger he clipped the branches of his bonsai tree.) Though, he is vicious and aggressive he is also pretty passive as he takes directions from his older brother more or less. Haruhiko shows more mean expressions such as teasing someone outright when they are miserable or showing anger and disdain more overtly. Unlike his brother, who can mask his expressions Haru actually has trouble doing that (hence Salty Sol). Though, he listens to his brother if directed not to be forthright with his emotions and expressions and takes the lead from him at times on how to behave.

Haruhiko has deep admiration towards Gora, which is also a crush. Akihiko and Haruhiko were saved by Garo during CIDE 1 when Garo himself was a Battle Lover protecting Earth called Maximum Gorar. When they were young their father (though it is not specified how) was transferred. This job transfer took place in the Andromeda Galaxy. Among other sentient aliens their reputation went down because they liked Garo. Garo was marketed as an antagonist (in discriminatory practices where Earthlings were deemed ignorant and stupid) but knowing him to be a hero they stood up for him. This led them to be bullied relentlessly and ostracised which led the brothers' to be depressed. Then the TV show got cancelled he and his brother got into a fight but Akihiko admitted that they were pretty lonely now that they felt they also lost Gora. To add insult to injury, their father said they would not going to Earth anytime soon.

Haruhiko and Akihiko are approached by Dadacha who said by making them Galaxy Idols they would be noticed by Gora. Though Haru and his brother have disdain for the idol business. In the final showdown, they tell a surprised Yumoto that being an idol means to be polite to uncouth people and it has nothing to do with love but only popularity. After they were saved by Gora when they were little, he said to them to make mischief if they must, but to grow up big and strong. Their response to Yumoto elucidates that they had warped Gora's advice to them as their actions are questionable even if they are pretty talented.

Both are also deeply offended that when they reveal themselves to Yumoto and his friends they seem to not care about them being responsible for sending the monsters after them. They are also pretty determined on having an idol competition with the Battle Lovers. This is to prove that Gora should belong to them and not Yumoto and his friends.

Haruhiko is usually is in sync with his older brother Akihiko so at times it is hard to say differences between them, which may be purposefully done by them as they mentioned to the Italian twins that they are perfect twins incapable of fighting, though this proved to be a bit false as they do have arguments concerning Gora. However, the twins have differences between them. Haruhiko gets easily more excited. When he sees his older brother unhappy anything related to Yumoto he becomes overly protective and suggests if they should do something about him. However, he usually lets Akihiko take the lead in many things as when Akihiko wanted to eat food made by Gora but declined Yumoto's offer Haruhiko did not object and went along with his brother's decision (when they were kids Gora gave them a rice bomb made by him and they found his cooking delicious).

When New Year's come, Haruhiko is shown to be busy with a Bonsai plant. Haruhiko also has some sadomasochistic tendencies like his brother wanting to tie up Gora so that he can't run away when they had him encaged in a glass coffin like box. Saying that his brother's wish to be slapped by Gora to be weird as in he got weird tastes. This line shows that there are some things the brothers don't actually discuss between themselves keeping some private thoughts between them.

Unlike his brother, who seems to be more serious about idol work, or at least organised, Haruhiko, despite his strong exterior, likes intimacy. This is suggested when Akihiko wants to do a unit with Gora he too wishes to do one but seeing it may dapple Gora's originality says he wants to share his room with Gora instead as he wants to take care of him. Akihiko states that Haruhiko is a restless sleeper but Haruhiko mentions his brother talks in his sleep.

Their actions towards Gora is somewhat stalkerish. Though in the end when Gora recognises them and acknowledges them Akihiko and Haruhiko start acting pretty normal and also like the Battle Lovers. Similarly, they start respecting their fans more. Instead of having some strange obsessed people to follow them around the Beppu Apes become just a nickname to people who like their music as performers

It is hinted he is a bit overprotective of his older brother and likes being intimate for people he likes. Also, he is pretty sensual - when they drug Yumoto and Yumoto goes on a cuddle rampage Haruhiko embarrassingly admits that Yumoto's cuddles feels good.  


Akihiko & Haruhiko Transformation


  • His last name, Beppu, is an onsen resort close to Yufuin, from which En Yufuin derives his name. Beppu also has an affiliation phonetically with the word VEPPer.
  • Sol is derived from the Latin word which means the sun.

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