Love is Something You Wear on Your Back
Episode 6
Kanji 愛は背中で語るもの
Romaji Ai wa senaka de kataru mono
English Love is Something You Wear on Your Back
Airdate  February 10, 2015
Theme Music
Opening Zettai Muteki Fall'in love
Ending I miss you no 3 meters
Previous Episode Episode 5 - To Steal Love Without Regret
Next Episode Episode 7 - Love, Summer Camp, and Toothbrushes
Love is Something You Wear on Your Back (愛は背中で語るもの) is the 6th episode of the series. The preview features Io and the proposal made to him to join the Student Council body.


This episode starts with the Defense Club relaxing away in their clubroom. The members were seen discussing on how the monsters they deal with always seem to appear frequently within their area of activity. When Ryuu comments on how monsters always appear whenever they talk about them, someone knocks on the clubroom door. Akoya enters and notices the stench emanating from the club room. Realizing what he meant, Atsushi quickly covers Mr. Tawarayama by standing in front of him, and asking how he can be of help to him. Akoya says that even though their "Club" has been approved by the Student Council, each of them will have to pass the final exams with average scores failing which their club is to be dissolved.

Wombat, who seemed passionate about not letting the Defense Club fall apart, encourages the guys to do their best. 

Back in the Hot spring, EnRyuu and Atsushi spoke on how each of them normally fare during exams. They spoke on how Yumoto was naturally gifted but gets poor marks in subjects like Japanese.

Next, in the second year classroom, Io was seen typing away on his laptop, with students gathered outside his classroom praising his grades. While heading off, Io bumps into Akoya in the corridor, who then requests him to join the Student Council. 

It's test time, and everyone is giving it their best. Results are declared, with the always "1# ranker, Itsumo Ichiban placing 2nd. This upsets him, as according to him, all he ever did were his studies, whereas Io, who ranked 1st, prioritized his stock exchange dealings over his studies. This caused a negative power to take hold of him. 

In the Defense Club room, Ryuu and the rest, leaving Io who wasn't present at the time, discussed their results with each other. They were relieved to know that their club would no longer be dissolved, only to find that Io had other plans in mind.

Episode Preview



Love is Something you wear on your back

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