Feel The Love, Narcissus!
Episode 3
Kanji 愛せよ,ナルシス!
Romaji Aiseyo, Narushisu!
English Feel the Love, Narcissus!
Airdate 2015-01-20
Theme Music
Opening Zettai Muteki☆Fallin' LOVE☆
Ending I miss you no 3 meters
Previous Episode Episode 2 - Love is Something You Should Never Regret
Next Episode Episode 4 - Cute Little Boys of Love and Youth
Feel the Love, Narcissus! (愛せよ,ナルシス!, Aiseyo, Narushisu!) is the third episode for the series Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! The preview features a showdown to win the "Binanshi award", better known as the "Popular guy award".


A weird ballet club advisor, Kurotori (means black bird) trying to make someone join his club that still hasn't have any member so the club will gain some fans (he wants to be loved). He doesn't want his position of #1 pretty boy in Binan to be taken by the Student Council or Earth Defense club. he feels so dark knowing the fact that no one joining his club even though he worked so hard to get one and that's when the Caerula Adamas (Student Council) make a move.

The defense club attracts people' heart (so they'll vote them) to win. but when the day comes, Kurotori who is transformed to be a black-bird-monster shoots his wing feathers to the students so they will come to 'love' and 'attracted' to him. the Defense Club transformed to be Battle Lovers but Kurotori pierced them with his 'love feathers'. They actually fall in love with him. Expect Yumoto. He doesn't understand why Kurotori wants to be loved so badly. He thinks that loving feels way better than being loved. And that he has to love himself first. It touches the his feelings so the effect of the feather dissapears. Kurotori became normal again by the usual Love Attack and Love Shower.

Episode Preview




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