Love is Something You Should Never Regret
Kanji  愛とはけして悔しないこと
Romaji  Ai to wa Keshite Kuyashinai Koto 
English  Love is Something You Should Never Regret
Airdate  January 13, 2015 
Theme Music
Opening Zettai Muteki☆Fallin' LOVE☆
Ending I miss you no 3 meters 
Previous Episode In The Name Of Love
Next Episode Episode 3 - Feel The Love, Narcissus!

Love is Something You Should Never Regret (愛とはけして悔しないこと, Ai to wa Keshite Kuyashinai Koto) is the second episode of Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!.


This episode focuses more on the Student Council, the villains of the anime. However, behind closed doors The Student Council are actually the Caerula Adamas'; Rulers of the Blue World. They are lead by a small green hedgehog named Lord Zundar (Thunder) from Planet Evil, and their sole mission is a project called the "Total Conquest of Earth's Lifeforms Project".

We also learn that the Battle Lovers have the ability to use image and voice filters to censor themselves, therefore allowing the Battle Lovers to further conceal their identities. This advanced technology also works in real time.


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