How The Defense Club Became Battle Lovers

  • When a mysterious creature with the appearance similar to a Wombat came to this world out of seemngly nowhere, the 5 boys from the Earth Defense Club were chosen to protect this Earth from the Loveless and spread love to all by becoming Heirs to the Throne of Love.
  • Wombat gave each one of them a Loveracelet, which would light up if the Loveless were nearby, so the Princes could then go and deal with them.
  • Each Prince has a different Transformation when they kiss their Loveracelets, and they each become a different Battle Lover.
  • Each Prince has a different coloured Love Stick hidden in the heart shaped jewel on their bows, and they can summon them by reaching into their hypothetical hearts.
  • Each Prince has a different coloured and powerful Beam that comes out of the Love Stick when they point the stick and shout random names.
  • The Princes can join their Love Sticks together to create a massive staff that is wielded by Yumoto, which they can use to do the Love Attack finishing move on the Loveless.
  • Yumoto can once again wield the massive staff to perform Love Shower, to cleanse the Loveless and fill them with Love, as if they've been showered in it.

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