Binan High School (美男高校 Binan Koukou) is an all boys' high school which most of the characters attend. There, students are turned into monsters by the Conquest Club or the VEPPer and cause problems.

The headmaster seems to prefer having lots of attractive young students around attending to the school.[1]

There are multiple known clubs in this college: the Defense Club, the Press Society and the Conquest Club (as the "Student Council"). Lesser known clubs are various sports and arts clubs such as the volleyball club, which is as of season 2 episode 5 run by Shigoki Munakata, the baseball club, which is managed by Rui Megawa, and the ballet club that Kurotori is employed as adviser to. To this day, the club doesn’t have even one member...

In the game, there is a puzzle club (of which Rock Keshibu is a member), although it is unknown if this club exists in the anime.


Binan Festival is an event at Binan High, which spans two days in October every year..[2]


眉難 Binan - Literally translateds to ‘eyebrow difficulties’, but also a homophone for ‘Beautiful man’ or 美男子 Binanshi ‘Handsome young man’.[3]