Each of the Princes have a Loveracelet, a bracelet with a coloured, heart-shaped jewel on it, that when kissed makes them undergo the Love Making Transformation to turn into Battle Lovers.

Each of the Princes have a different colour which also corresponds to each element, therefore:

Yumoto Hakone kissing his braclet
  • Yumoto's Loveracelet is Red and corresponds to Light.
En Yufuin Loving Making

  • En's Loveracelet is Blue and corresponds to Water.
Atsushi Kinugawa Love Making

  • Atsushi's Loveracelet is Green and corresponds to Wind.
Io Naruko Love Making

  • Io's Loveracelet is Yellow and corresponds to Earth.
Ryuu Zao Love Making

  • Ryuu's Loveracelet is Pink and corresponds to Fire.

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