Each of the Princes have a Love Stick, a magical stick with an ornament at the top that represents their Battle Lover status, that comes out of the jewel in their bows rather than their Loveracelets.

Each of the Princes' Love Sticks have a different name, colour and ornament, therefore:

Scarlet, Lumiere of Love

Lumiere of Love

  • Yumoto's Love Stick is called Lumiere of Love, is a Red colour and has a Red Glass Heart Ornament.
Flash, Purifying Aqua!

Purifying Aqua

  • En's Love Stick is called Purifying Aqua, is a Blue colour and has a Blue Crown Ornament.
Pierce, Gallant Hurricane

Gallant Hurricane

  • Atsushi's Love Stick is called Gallant Hurricane, is a Green colour and has a Green Clover Ornament.
Roar, Raging Gaia

Raging Gaia

  • Io's Love Stick is called Raging Gaia, is a Yellow colour and has a large Yellow Saturn Planet Ornament.
Thrill, Blazing Ignit!

Blazing Ignit

  • Ryuu's Love Stick is called Blazing Ignit, is a Pink colour and has a large Pink Flame Ornament.

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