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Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Wiki
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My return

There are no discussions on this wikia so I guess this'll be the first. I've been inactive for about a year but with the anime back again, I'll be an active admin once again. I'll have pictures, gifs, videos, page updates for powers etc etc and I hope that people will start talking to each other on here soon!

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The problems:

  • How will you shift discussion from the comments section to here?
  • Noting admins' presence on this wiki has been relatively lax in the past, you might need another admin who can show up to handle all the small disputes that pop up from time to time.
  • The Stage Play and Binan College pages need categories, and I have no idea what they should be called. 

Problem 1: it's not my job to shift discussion from comments to here, people can do whatever they like really

Problem 2: it was lax because it was a 12 episode anime that no one really paid attention to, in my time I never noticed any disputes and it's up to the Founder to give admin statuses not me

Problem 3: I didn't know there was a stageplay or college, but if you make the pages I'll just add it to the navigation somehow


hey im not very active here either aside from when i add translations since im pretty caught up with everything thats happening with boueibu seeing as i watch every batonama livestreams on time so i can help if any helps needed ! im not very good at editing html or anything like that + i may also be busy from schoolwork every so often but yea hmu 



  • Users seem to be like Touken Ranbu Wiki and use the comments instead of the forums, but you could shift comments to the forums if you highlight threads and add more discussions to stimulate activity there.
  • The anime is what you'd call "niche". It wasn't that no one paid attention to it, it was just that it had a particularly small fandom that didn't congregate on Wikia. The fans tend to hang around Tumblr and Pixiv, and now that s2 is over, there's a lot more of them.
  • I didn't make the page on Binan College, or else the page would have been under the name "Binan High School" (since college = university in most cases). Both pages existed already as of the first reply in this thread...
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